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The AMEDTEC ECGpro® PC ECG Product Line

  • Logo data management ECGpro


    The data of all the AMEDTEC function diagnosis modules converge in the central data management system AMEDTEC ECGpro®.
    The data management system itself is designed to be integrated with the hospital information system (HIS), a RIS, or the practice software via HL7/DICOM or BDT/GDT, respectively.

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  • Holter ECG

    Holter ECG

    The AMEDTEC ECGpro® Holter system provides you with a fast and precise Holter ECG analysis in 3 or even 12 channels, depending on the recorder.
    The new, lightweight digital recorder EP820 with its only 42 grams (about 1.5 oz) allows for up to 7 days of ECG recording. The real-time ECG can be watched at any time via it's display.

    Product flyer (PDF): Analysis Software
    Product flyer (PDF): Recorder EP820
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  • Ambulatory Bloodpressure

    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

    The AMEDTEC ECGpro® Holter-RR system monitors and stores up to 48 hours of ambulatory blood pressure. By the device's Auto Feedback Logic, the patients get burdend at a minimum extent.

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  • Medical Motion tablet PC with barcode reader and docking station (option)

    Mobile ECG

    The mobile ECG solution: The portable, slim Motion tablet PC, in connection with the Bluetooth ECG CardioPart 12 Blue. With this duo, you have a completely mobile ECG system in hand. Even between patient and tablet there is no need for a cable.

    The optional database synchronization replicates the acquired ECGs over any available network connection (e.g. WLAN) with a central server database. Thereby, the ECG is immediately available throughout the network.

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  • Stress test ECG

    12-Lead Stress Test ECG

    The AMEDTEC 12-lead stress test system allows for running a stress test highly comfortable and fully automatically.
    The workstation can be turned easliy into a high-value Ergo-Spirometry by applying a Spiro - Stress Test - Unit.

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  • 12-Lead Resting ECG

    12-Lead Resting ECG

    The 12-lead resting ECG from AMEDTEC is built as a modular software system. Available are modules for an automatic ECG measurement, it's automatic interpretation, as well as for rhythm ECG recordings with or without arrhythmia detection.

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  • CardioPart 12 Blue

    CardioPart 12 Blue
    NEW: The P-Series - CardioPart 12 Blue-P

    The wireless, only 11 x 7cm (4.4 x 2.8") small CardioPart 12 Blue makes up the basis of the AMEDTEC 12-lead stress test and resting ECG systems.
    The device samples the ECG at 8000Hz on each channel. Via Bluetooth®, the digitized data is then transmitted to the workstation.
    Intended for GP's, the new P series provides a particularly attractive cost-performance ratio.

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  • CardioPart 12 USB

    CardioPart 12 USB
    NEW: The P-Series - CardioPart 12 USB-P

    As wired counterpart of the CardioPart 12 Blue, the CardioPart 12 USB perfectly fits environments where wireless solutions are not possible or desired.
    The Plug and Play device is just plugged into one of the workstation's USB ports and is ready to acquire ECG.
    As like as for the Bluetooth device, the new P series is also available for the USB ECG.

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  • Cardiographs

    Cardiographs - networked

    In cooperation with Fukuda Denshi, AMEDTEC offers cardiographs of the latest generation. Over the built-in network interface, the ECG recordings are automatically transmitted into the AMEDTEC ECGpro® data management and stored on the server.

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