Project Development

Ask us about our development activities. Our team has extensive expertise in the field of hardware and software development in the following areas, among others:

  • (12-channel) resting and exercise ECG
  • ECG data management
  • Data exchange with hospital information systems (HIS)
  • Data exchange with practice IT systems (BDT/GDT)
  • ECG measurement and data management for pharmaceutical studies
  • ECG in XML, PDF and SCP format

In cooperation with our partner Informationstechnik Schrödter GmbH, we also offer development services that focus on 24h ABPM.

Depending on the application, we develop both on the basis of modern .NET technology using the languages Visual C# and Visual C++ .net, and in Visual C++ and MFC. Microsoft's Visual Studio is used as the development platform in all cases. Furthermore we offer developments in ANSI-C, Borland C++ and Visual Basic.

Stress Test ECG

The software for the Stress ECG consists of software modules specially tailored to your requirements for:

  • ECG acquisition and storage
  • ST measurement
  • Ergometer control
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • ECG presentation
  • ECG printing
  • ECG network monitoring

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the development of stress test ECG software, we guarantee reliable functionality, perfect design and simple operation. We offer you your individual screen displays and print layouts that give your system a unique identity.

We supply drivers for the control of various bicycle ergometers, treadmills and blood pressure monitors. The load sequence is controlled automatically according to the preset protocol, which of course also allows manual intervention at any time. Heart rate, ST and blood pressure are measured and monitored. We compile the ergometry results for you in a clearly arranged report. It contains ECG sequences, averages, trends, measured values and comments. During stress test, we print ECG sequences with the corresponding measured values according to the test protocol or activated manually.

Resting ECG

Customized to your special needs and requirements, we create the following modules for your (12-channel) Resting ECG application:

  • ECG acquisition
  • ECG storage and management
  • ECG representation
  • ECG printing
  • ECG measurement and automatic interpretation using the HES programme.

The ECG module can be developed in connection with an own, special amplifier hardware, or as a software application only.