Product Details

  • CardioPart 12 ECG recording device with USB or Bluetooth connection
  • Ideal for sports medicine -> wireless data transfer (e.g. treadmill)
  • Optional control of treadmill or bicycle ergometer and stress echo ergometer from one measuring station
  • One-button operation -> user is guided through the program step by step
  • Check the recording quality of each electrode prior to the test
  • The stress test ECG can run fully automatically -> without any operator intervention
  • Load values can be changed manually at any time within the automatic stress test procedure
  • Print (automatic/manual) ECG sections or successive sequences during the test
  • Retrospective view of the entire 12-lead ECG -> analyse anomalies in context
  • Automatic final report -> editable, predefined text blocks
  • Network-wide view of ECG curves in real time for all authorised users using AMEDTEC ECGpro® Online
  • User definable configuration of different diagnostic programs
  • Create your own load profiles as a step and/or ramp protocol
  • Wide selection of print formats -> easy to add other formats
  • Integrated in the AMEDTEC ECGpro® data management system

Accessories / Components


  • Patient cable or suction system
  • PC technology
  • Treadmill or ergometer
  • ECG cart
  • Blood pressure monitoring


  • Adhesive electrodes


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