Product Details

  • Easy preparation of the recorder
  • Automatic patient assignment when importing the recording
  • Multi-day recording (up to 7 days) without data reduction or compression shortfall
  • Rhythm analysis using ECG specific parameters that can be configured
  • Intelligent pacemaker analysis
  • Differentiation between atrial and ventricular pacing spikes
  • Risk management using ischaemia, QT and HRV analysis
  • Detection of atrial arrhythmia
  • Creation of automatic reports that can be edited and configured
  • Integrated in the AMEDTEC ECGpro® data management system

Accessories / Components


  • Analysis software for the evaluation of ECG recordings
  • Digital 3 or 12 channel recorder
  • Patient cable
  • PC technology


  • Adhesive electrodes
  • Disposable hygiene bags
  • Disposable cloak hygiene strap


Technical Data


Size 68 mm x 53 mm x 16 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 42 g
Operating position Any orientation

Electrical data

Gain settings 0.5 x, 1 x and 2 x
Connector 26 pin
Patient cable 4, 5, 7 or 10 wire


Recording channels 3 or 12
Sensitivity 2.5 μV / LSB
Recording Full disclosure
PC interface USB 2.0 or card reader
Sample rate 10,000/s (PM detection)
Frequency range 0.05 Hz to 60 Hz, -3 dB
ECG signal view Via LCD at hook-up or on demand
Pacemaker detection Permanently


Battery type 1 AAA battery, 1.5 V alkaline, lithium, or NiMH
Recording time
(3 channels)
Alkaline: ≥ 96 h
Lithium: ≥ 168 h
Recording time
(12 channels)
Alkaline: ≥ 48 h

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